Complete the forms below that are relevant to your child’s visit. Most can be complete in advance and emailed or faxed.  Email to:   Fax to: 770-988-5553. Or you can drop them off at the office. If you are sending electronic format, we prefer PDF files. (see notes below on creating a PDF).

New Patient Forms

Newborn Forms

Well-Visits (1 month to 10 years old)

Well Visits (11 through 17 years old)

Well Visits (18 + years old)

Asthma Followup

Meet and Greet or Prenatal Visit

School and Sports Forms


Creating a PDF        If you are using a printer with scanner capabilities, the scanner should have a PDF format. You can scan the completed forms as PDF then email or fax them.    If you don’t have a scanner, you can create a PDF using your smart phone. The phone app will use the camera to generate a PDF that you can email.  For android devices or PC, use Google Drive (add a document using “+” then select Scan). For Apple devices (iOS 11or higher), use Notes (create a new note, then select “+” or camera, then Scan).

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