New Patients

Welcome to The Pediatric Place! Established September 2005

The Pediatric Place was established by Dr. Bergman to provide optimal personalized care for your child in a warm comfortable office environment. We take pride in knowing your child well and achieving a personal level of attention with your child, the parents, and grandparents. Our goal is to merge the old-fashioned days of very personal doctor-patient relationships with some of the benefits of our modern medical system: computerized medical records, child development and adolescent screening tools, novel educational and intervention programs, access to web-based unbiased information, and constant continuing education as pediatricians to provide your child the best care possible.

Please review our Biography pages and ask for referrals from community friends who bring their children to our office to determine if this is the right fit you are seeking for your child’s pediatric care.

You may call the office to arrange an appointment to meet you and your child (no fee). If you are expecting a baby, a Prenatal Visit is an ideal opportunity for you to schedule time to meet with either Dr. Bergman to review a variety of questions or concerns as you transition to becoming parents and receiving guidance from your pediatrician.

New Patient Forms

Please complete before you schedule your first visit. It is helpful if you can email or fax them to the office before your first appointment.

Practice Agreement – HIPAA and Billing Policies (read only-you do not need to bring in)
Practice Consent Form (sign)
Insurance and Finance Policy (initial, sign)
Medical History (complete for each child)
Request Medical Records (to request medical records from your previous pediatrician – request in advance of 1st visit)

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